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Dear Hofstra Crew Member,

I would like to personally extend the Alumni organization's sentiment of Thank You for a wonderful day of rowing entertainment. It was great to come out and see Hofstra athletes rowing in so many categories and doing far better than they have in the recent past. All of you, coaches, captains, oarsmen, coxswains and crew supporters should be proud of your efforts this season, and use the lessons you learned last Sunday to increase your accomplishments this weekend at the Fall Metros.

I would also like to extend our Thanks for the use of your equipment and coxswain for our alumni 4+ event. It is wonderful that you could spare two fours for us to use to get together and get on the water one more time. I can't explain to you how much this means to us, until after you leave the program and do not take for granted the opportunity to row every day (even if you do have to sacrafice SO much to do that). Only then, you will understand what you have now.

Please enjoy the four stopwatch/stroke counters we donated to the team Saunday afternoon. It is our pleasure, and our mission, to exist as an organization to provide the current team with what we never had, in hopes to further the accomplishments you and others before you have already made. In return for these items, we ask only two small favors: 1)that you take full use of these items we have given you, and 2)please contunue to further the reputation of Hofstra Crew throughout your career and eventually become one of our organization's members. Naturally, the latter request is much harder and requires a)that you GRADUATE! and b) keep up the tremendous effort it takes to be an active member of Hofstra Crew on a daily basis. All of us have lived through this experience, and can sympathize with how hard this can be. Within the organization are also many examples that this can be achieved, and is a worth-while cause to believe in.

In summation, keep up the great work, and listen for the cheers from the shore which will only grow louder for you, as we plan to extend our membership. And no matter if you are last in the prelims, or first in the grand finals, you have our full support and admiration.

Hofstra Crew Alumni Organization
Ian Butterfield

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